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Nitro New Boat Models

The Pinnacle of Quality Construction

Every NITRO® performance fiberglass fishing boat is built with the utmost care and a dedication to quality that you can see in the fit and finish, feel in the smooth ride and count on for a lifetime. Thanks to the skill and experience of our master team of fiberglass craftspeople, care is taken at every step in the process to ensure the finest, longest-lasting boat at the best price. These fast, comfortable and highly-fishable boats are designed to help you be the best angler you can be, whether you’re competing in an Elite tournament or just relaxing over a weekend at the lake.

Quality Designed and Built with Care

From the first time a boat or new boat feature is conceived, every step taken by our designers and engineers is carefully planned to ensure that the resulting product performs as intended. This quality is easy to see when you look at a NITRO up close – from the tight tolerances, to the carpeted compartment interiors, to the deep, rich colors of the gelcoat, and the smooth curves of the NVT hull.


Bass Boats

2018 Nitro ZV21
2018 Nitro ZV21 Z-PRO Package
2018 Nitro Z21 Z-PRO Package
2018 Nitro Z21
2018 Nitro Z20
2018 Nitro Z20 Z-Pro Package
2018 Nitro Z19
2018 Nitro ZV18
2018 Nitro Z18
2018 Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW
2018 Tracker Pro Team 190 TX
2018 Tracker Pro Team 175 TF

Ski and Fish

2018 Tahoe 550 TF
2018 Tahoe 500 TF
2018 Nitro Z19 Sport
2018 Tahoe 450 TF